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Welcome to Tips 2 Toes

Welcome to Tips 2 Toes

Welcome to Tips 2 Toes Nail Salon, located in Saint Charles, IL. Our mission here at Tips 2 Toes Nail Salon is to provide the best, quality beauty services, using the most up-to-date products and safest cleaning method for all our clients. There's a saying, "Life is not perfect, but your Nails can be" and we strive to do just so! To ensure the safest environment and experiences for our guests, we sterilize all our instruments using medical grade sterilization method, disposable pedicure tub liners (change after each use) and personal disposable pouches that can be disposed of after each use or take home by customers. Each pouch contains files, buffer, toes separators. So come get pampered, and feel fabulous. We are pleasured to invite you to peruse a selection of services we offer on this website.

Your Satisfaction is Our Goal

Thank for choosing us as your beauty service provider.

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